2 Think the oil spill doesn't affect you......

You thought wrong.

Hurriance season + really really large oil spill in the Gulf = oil all over the place inland. And not like a little bit inland...they are predicting that it could extend over a major chunk of the US. Can you just imagine how gross this is going to be and how much bigger the environmental impact will become?

Hopefully there won't be any hurricanes for awhile but unfortunatly that is not what they are predicting. They are saying there will be more than normal.

I wonder if this will cause the government to kick it into high gear to not only plug the leak (seriously how is it still leaking 5 weeks later? RIDICULOUS) but to clean up the oil that is already out there.

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  1. YEEEEESSSSSSSS, my favorite MS Paint artist is back in the studio :)

    But really a bummer of a post. I didn't even think about the hurricanes...

  2. We do need more Paint up in here!