4 Disappearing Sun Chips Bag - Day 14

So it has been 14 days since I first started this little experiment. What did I expect to find at this point?  For the bag in the composter I expected to find that it had started to break down. Maybe some of the colours would start to wear away. For the bag in the ground I expected it to be exactly the same as the day I put it there.

I was wrong.

I got it backwards.

The bag in the composter showed no change. It sounded, looked and felt exactly as it did on Day 1.  The bag in the ground however sounded and felt differently. It was softer, not as crinkly as chip bags (especially these one's) typically are.

So I am excited that there was some change in the one bag. Only 12 weeks left to go.....

Day 14

                     Bag in Composter after digging it up                   Bag in Garden after digging it up

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  1. Hi! Stopping by from MBC. Great blog.

    Have a nice day!

  2. I'm excited to see that someone else is trying this! I have one at my parent's farm that has been going for a month now. I haven't gotten to check it, but I'm interested to see how it turns out.


  3. I plan on doing a similar experience with my son wen he is a little older and can understand what is going on.

    In regards to the bag in the compost - someone one told me that all the biodegradable plastics - bags cup straws plates - will only break down if it is buried in dirt.

    Here in Toronto despite the fact that our compost bins can handle diapers they still can't handle biodegradable plastics for that exact reason.

    I am curious to see if the bag in your compost will ever change.

  4. That is very interesting. Sun Chips website says that it will only break down in a home composter. I don't have high hopes that it will actually work though.