2 One Woman's Trash......Another Woman's Handbag?

A few years ago I was in Lake Tahoe for a conference. We flew in and out of Reno so on our last night we stayed in Reno near the airport. After dinner a colleague and I were walking around our hotel. We came across a gift shop that had the neatest purses and bags. They were made out of old candy bar wrappers. I really really wanted one but a small clutch was $40. I just couldn't justify the cost for what it was. You don't even want to know what the beach bag cost.

My friend Sam introduced me to TerraCycle. Awe.some. These are more reasonable then the "designer" bags I saw in Reno.

Basically you send them your junk (not that kind of junk people!!!) and they make it into cool products like bags, corkboards, pots and kites.

The best part about this. Eating the chocolate and the chips. Get in my belly! Okay but seriously such a cool concept and a great way to eliminate waste from our landfills. And they will donate 0.02 cents to the school or charity of your choice for every item you send them. win-win-win

In the month of April you can get TerraCycle products at Walmart stores (US only).

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  1. Hi Jen!
    I just found your blog through Baby Rabies. The candy wrapper and potato chip purses are SO cool! I'm actually working on making one right now, except I'm using gift bags that people gave me.
    Just in case you were interested, the instruction to make one are at www.candywrapperpurse.blogspot.com
    They're really easy once you get the hang of it!

  2. Thanks Amber! Let me know how yours turn out. I would love to see them!