3 The Disappearing Sun Chips Bag

I have been known to eat a whole bag of chips. In fact once when a boyfriend and I broke up he used this as one of his reasons why he felt it wasn't working ::rolls eyes:: Finally a company that understands my "problem" and can help me get rid of the evidence. Sun Chips to the rescue!

Sun Chips bags are now biodegradable. No one will ever know that I even had the chips in the first place!!! After reading about biodegradable utensils that will not break down on Fake Plastic Fish I decided to give these chip bags a run for their money.  I am going to put one in our composter and bury one in the ground. Let's see if any of these suckers break down in the 14 weeks promised by Sun Chips.  Check back over the next 14 or so weeks as I document our progress.

Disappearing Bag Progress
Day 1
Day 14
The Verdict - The Composter

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  1. I hope if they do work, all chip bags will go this route!

  2. Me too! The big difference I see in the bags are that they are much lighter and also louder. Not so good when you have a sleeping baby beside you and you want.chips.now

  3. Yeah the new bags are super crinkly! Impossible to sneak a few snacks without getting busted! :) Kudos to Sunchips for composting the way to a greener bag.