0 Have you met our apple tree?

We have a big backyard and when we moved in there was nothing in it. No trees, no bushes, no flowers, no grass. Well there is "grass" just not good grass. It is more of a patchy/weedy/stab at your feet as you walk on it type of "grass". What does that have to do with an apple tree you ask? Nothing...so anyways I was checking out Craigslist looking for stuff and went into the Free section. The first ad was for an apple tree. I thought for sure I would open the ad to find some sort of joke about an "apple tree" and some blurry picture of a very hairy man that you typically find on Craigslist. Instead there was a real ad for a 7 foot apple tree. I emailed and it was all ours...all we had to do was go and pick it up.

So Joe went with some guys from work and although I was not there to witness this in my head the rest of their day was hilarious. The tree was not 7 feet. It was 14 feet. Joe and the guys stuffed that tree into the pickup truck and proceeded on the hellish drive home. You see that apple tree was not in the same city as us. It was an hour away (near where Joe worked). To get it home they had to drive on the 401 (think major highway) in rush hour.

Let me paint a picture here for you. The pickup is not 14 feet (plus roots) long so the tree is hanging off the back. It actually is dragging on the road. As Joe tells me this story I imagine apples flying all over the 401 but thankfully there were no apples on the tree. They get it home (and are really grumpy for some reason) and start digging the hole for it.  Sadly one side of the tree lost its battle with the 401. As I look at these pictures I can only imagine what Joe thought when he first saw the apple tree. It is huge. Not only is it 14 feet tall but it is so wide. It has been in our backyard for 2 years now and while we have no apples growing yet it is doing wonderfully.

I am not posting about apple trees to ignore the fact that today is Earth Day but rather to celebrate it. We plan on planting another tree (not from Craigslist) this weekend to honour the birth of our son last August. I anticipate a lot less swearing with the transportation and planting of this tree.

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