2 3 for 3

For 2 years now we have been saying we need to get a rug for our family room. Everytime we go to find one we would get discouraged by the cost. Seriously are there people out there who pay $3000 for an area rug???? If so can we come live with you?

Yesterday we went to a local store and looked at just getting some carpet cut and edged to make an area rug. So much more affordable. We looked at samples and narrowed it down to our top 3 and got quotes for them. Oddly enough it turns out we picked rugs with recycled content in them. All 3 of them! I knew one did because it had big signs with info (and it was Dupont so they were specifically marketing the eco line of carpets) but I had no clue about the other 2. Guess I just have an eye for this sort of thing (or as Joe would say I was just lucky).

I was impressed that the price wasn't jacked up because it was a greener choice either. Well the Dupont was twice the price but that is more for the name than the environment I believe. I went into the process thinking that we couldn't afford to even think about green options and man was I wrong. My advice would be to go into any  purchase with an open mind about the green options. You never know what you may find that fits your budget and your conscious.

In 7-10 business days this girl is going to be super excited to rub her toes in the nice warm carpet that has less of an impact on the environment then a regular carpet.

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  1. It kind of irks me sometimes when 'green' products are more expensive. If you're talking fair trade organic chocolate, I get it. If you're talking about something made with recycled content, though, shouldn't it be cheaper? I'm glad that the carpet price wasn't inflated just because it was 'green'.

  2. Really good point! I can't explain exactly why products with recycled content would cost more (other than a marketing ploy) but maybe it has something to do with reworking product to get that recycled content? In some cases I could see that getting recycled material into a useable format may take more time/energy/money. But in the case with carpets nylon 6 is relatively easy to reuse (I have worked at a Nylon 6 plant)so I don't get it in that case.

    We never did price out carpets with no recycled content. I bet they were much cheaper.