4 Random Act of Kindness

Joey forgot his lunch today so I thought B and I would take it to him. I took the scenic route home and on the way drove past a lady who was picking up trash along the side of the road. I actually can not remember the last time I saw someone do this (well except the inmate we saw doing it while we were stopped for gas in Flordia).

I doubt she was being paid to pick up the trash. I believe she was doing it out of the goodness of her heart.

Is this something you would ever think of doing? Would you randomly pick up trash on the side of the road? I am not talking about a coffee cup here or there. She had her arms full of trash.

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  1. I was thinking about this just last week. C Monster is always stopping and wanting to pick up trash and place it in the garbage. I was thinking of making an afternoon out of cleaning the neighborhood with him. Bring his wagon and fill it up with trash and recyclables that we find.

    If others see us doing this they might think twice about throwing stuff of the ground. When a 2 year old understand what goes in the garbage, recycling, green bin you would think us adults could figure it out too.

  2. I want to do it lke that lady too, but i think it's still good start from a cup of coffe, at least we understand to put the trash on the right place

  3. I agree that a coffee cup is a good start and I would say that is typically what I see people pick up. The random piece of trash here or there. I have to say though this lady really stood out to me because she was just walking along cleaning up the side of the road.

    I find the worst place for littering is on the offramp of a highway. Even if there are garbage cans there, people just seems to throw stuff on the ground.

  4. When I was little my family owned a large piece of land that straddled an often-used road in my town. There was acres and acres of forest between our house and the road, but my mom still felt it was our responsibility to clean up all the trash that people chucked out their windows onto our patch. So once every few months she would give us each a trashbag and we would trek up and down a half mile of grass to pick up trash.
    If I ever would have considered throwing something out of the window, I definitely never would after experiencing that!