0 Ez Cracker - WTH?

I "get" that everyone wants an easier lifestyle. People are busy, busier than usual it seems. But in a time where we should be focusing on reducing our overall impact on the environment why on earth are companies coming up with products like the Ez Cracker

This is just beyond ridiculous. I saw the commercial for the first time today and after I finished laughing and being reminded of the Friends episode where Joey does the milk spout infomercial I started to think about what a waste products like this are. It would be interesting to see the environmental impact of products like this. The raw materials (and plastic no less), transportation etc.

Are people really so egg shell challenged that they need products like this? And the bonus accessory is the icing on the cake. It scrambles the egg IN THE SHELL for you. So you know you don't have to use a fork or anything. THINK OF THE TIME SAVINGS!!! No more tennis elbow folks!

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