1 Eco-Challenge: Batteries

Batteries batteries everywhere. Why does every baby product require batteries? We have a recharger for AA batteries but not for the sizes that all these new products require. I hate buying so many of them and not being able to reuse them.

This week we will focus on finding out what we have in the house that requires batteries, how often we go through the batteries and what size is required. With this information we can figure out if we need more rechargables and what kind of recharger to get.

We will also look at how to properly dispose of the used batteries we currently have. I keep them in a bag in a cupboard and since the bag is full I think it is time to get rid of them.

You can see the results of our eco-challenge here

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  1. We are ziplock battery bag twinsies! :) I have one, too. Just added 8 HUGE D batteries from a lamp we used camping last week.. ugh.