0 Eco-Challenge - Batteries RESULTS

This weeks Eco-Challenge was to take inventory of everything we have in the house that uses batteries and what size they require. We could then make decisions on what kind of rechargeable to get.

We already have a charger that will handle up to 4AA batteries. From looking at what we have in the house I think that this will be enough. We mostly have things powered by AA batteries. We just need to get more rechargeable batteries that will work with our charger. Right now we have 8 AA batteries that are rechargeable.

We currently use: 26 AA, 10 C, 2 D, 1 watch battery, 9 equipment specific batteries (already rechargeable).

I am actually kind of surprised. I did not think that we had 26AA in use in the house. Some things we use daily and others maybe once or twice a year but still 26 is a lot. I don't think we will be buying another 18 rechargeable AA batteries but I think we will invest in another 8 to cover off all the items that we use on a regular basis.

In the meantime we will be be collecting the batteries as they die and then taking all of them to the hazardous waste facility when they have household hazardous waste day in the spring.

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