0 Eco-Challenge - Preparing for Winter

Time to prepare the igloo and dogsled for winter. Having been in our home for a few winters now we know where the problems are and what we need to do to cut down on our energy losses over those cold cold winter months. Windows, doors and poor insulation can be the biggest source of energy loss in a home. Our home is fairly new and even still our windows and doors are terrible. Sometimes it is not the age that matters but rather the model and features available.

This week we will be focusing on winterizing our home. We plan to do the following:

* Placing plastic over the windows in the nursery, master bedroom, office, family room, dining room, kitchen
* Installing a new filter for our furnace
* Installing new weather stripping for the front door and the garage door
* Re-caulking windows where required
* Purchasing curtains with a lining for the living room and dining room (these are the biggest rooms and windows in our home. They cost us the most to heat.)

The best way to determine if the changes you have made have had any impact is to compare the amount of natural gas used in previous years compared to current year. Just make sure to normalize the numbers based on outdoor temperature.

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