0 Eco-Challenge: Waste Audit

We have been composting for awhile now and I know that we are producing less garbage but I have no idea how much of our waste goes to composting vs recycling vs garbage. So we are going to find out. We have also been adding our paper shreddings to the compost so we have been diverting some of our waste from the recycling stream to the compost stream.

We plan on starting right after the weekly garbage/recycling day. We will measure (by weight) the compost bin, garbage bag and recycling bins each week on garbage/recyling day. We plan on doing this for at least 2 weeks so we can get a good average of how much goes to each waste stream during a given week.

This should be interesting and help to see if we have any room for improvement in any of these waste streams. It may also lead to us breaking the 3 streams down further to see where exactly our waste is going. But that would be a whole other weekly challenge.

See the Results of our Waste Audit

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