3 What is your Eco-Footprint?

I just took this quiz and my eco-footprint was 62. That makes me an Eco-Ally. Looking at the list of questions there was to answer I now have some ideas of how to reduce my footprint not only at home but also at work.

I plan to do the following:
  1. Come up with a plan for the bag of used batteries in our kitchen drawer
  2. Remove my name from all the junk mail I get at work
  3. Develop a plan to recycle used oil from oil changes Joey does at home
What is your number?


  1. Nice! I'm a 52, also an Eco-Ally.

  2. I had a 77... I could use to buy clothes that are made of organic material though.

  3. I'm a 51...also an eco-ally! let's keep up the good work!