2 Tap Water vs Bottled Water

Do you drink bottled water because you think it is safer and/or easier? The environmental impact of drinking bottled water is substantially higher than tap water. To make one bottle of water it actual takes more than 6 times that same amount of water. That is just crazy. You also have to consider energy use, transportation, production of the plastic, waste and the overall emissions from the entire process. Now that doesn't mean that there are environmental impacts from tap water. That water is treated and uses energy but it is far less of an impact than bottled water.

If you have to drink bottled water make sure you either reuse the bottle several times or that you recycle it. Alternatively if you do not have to drink bottle water then switch to tap water. Get your self a cool water bottle and carry that with you. There are some really nice stainless steel water bottles available online or at any "outdoorsy" store.

Take the Think Outside the Bottle Pledge and reduce your overall carbon footprint.


  1. Hmmmm.... I see the point that is trying to be made. Just recycle. No worried of chlorine or contaminates from a trusted bottler. Thousands of people get sick from tap water each year. Filter the water you might say? What if I'm in a public place? Besides filters don't do as well as they claim. Test it and take it to your local lab. When we were on vacation to Utah, we found a bottled water there that had bottles that were recycleable and biodegradable. I wish I knew the name. If I find out, I'll come back and post.

    My message is be kind to the earth and recycle! Less raw materials are then used to make new!

  2. But you do realize that bottled water is just filtered tap water right?