0 Staying Green On Vacation

There is no need to check your "greenness" at the door when you are on vacation. While the inherent act of taking a vacation is not green there are simple things you can do to reduce its overall impact.   

* Rent a hybrid car and sign up for a local carshare if you need a vehicle
* If driving with a group, consider carpooling together
* Take the train, subway or the bus
* Buy carbon credits to offset the emissions from your trip

* Pick local foods off the menu
* Take healthy and sustainable snacks with you
* Bring reusable containers for liquids and bamboo utensils to avoid producing plastic waste
* Shop at the local market for quick and easy breakfast and lunches
* Look for restaurants that serve organic food

* Ask for your linens to not be changed every day
* Look for hotels and recycle and compost
* Find a hotel that is centrally located to minimize the amount of transportation you will need
* Stay at a green hotel that is Eco Rated

* Support local businesses instead of the big chain stores
* Look for craft markets

What are your tips for staying green while away?

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