3 Cool Product - Plastic Bag Bag

We use reuseable bags now for groceries but we still have loads of plastic bags leftover from years ago. We slowly use them up for things like kitty litter but I found this really cool craft idea that would get rid of them all. I have not had a chance to make one yet (would have to learn how to crochet first) but I thought I would post the link to the instructions so others could try it out.


  1. hi! Great idea! thanks for sharing! Keep them coming.. God bless you!! =)

  2. Cool, I have never seen this and goodness knows we all have plastic bags around, even if we try to avoid them. Thx!

  3. my mother in law does this, and I have another one that was done with a loom. my MIL also puts a cloth liner inside, and puts a pocket in there too.
    Great idea!