0 No Car Day

Today was 'No Car Day' but it doesn't seem to get any press time. The only reason I heard about it was because the mayor in Mississauga, Ontario (who is around 85 years old) rode her bike into work today. As I was hearing this on the radio I was sitting in some of the worst traffic I have experienced since moving to KW. Slightly ironic, don't you think?

With gas prices at an all time high I am surprised more people do not carpool. I guess it is not for everyone. I used to carpool with co-workers when I worked in Toronto and found it took me twice as long to get to work. I know it was worth it from an environmental perspective but from a 'time is money' perspective it was not. So we stopped as I couldn't justify the 1.5 hour drive to work.

A co-worker and I discussed carpooling together today. Not only will it save us both money but with the winter coming it will be nice to have some company while we sit on the highway going nowhere in the snow. I just hope we have the same taste in music.....you like hard core gangster rap right RN? Whew good.

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