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For Valentines Day last year Joey got me a new cutting board. He knew that my old one was bugging me (it was glass) so he searched for a new one that was eco-friendly. Luckily there are easy to find in Canada at Zellers, The Bay and Home Outfitters. It is made from bamboo and the company that makes it is Earth Chef. They also have alot of other products that are eco-friendly including cooktops, cutlery, bakeware and cookware.

There has been alot of discussion lately on toxic materials (teflon products, BPA in plastic containers etc etc). Earth Chef products are a natural non stick so they do not have any of the toxic materials in them.

As an added benefit of buying their products the company who makes them will sponser Tree Canada to plant 1 tree and maintain it for 5 years for every skillet sold.

Looking for more bamboo cutting boards?  Here is great option.

This is not a paid review. We bought this product with our own money. It does however contain Affiliate Links.

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  1. Non-stick cookware!

    I think my wife and I have experienced the same problem with non-stick cookware as thousands of other users. They aren't what they are supposed to be.The result is a collection of unused or seldom used frying pans.They all come with the proclamation that they are the be all and end all of easycare kitchen products.This is a "crock" as the minute you make your purchase something supposedly better comes along.2 weeks ago we purchased the Berghoff Earthcare "try me" introductory offer 7" ceramic coated non-stickfrying pan and have been dissapointed again. It is rated for high heat (1000 deg.F).While most things like eggs, pancakes burgers etc. lift off the cooking surface with ease, residues of fats and oils left behind are impossible to get off. The previously gray ceramic interior of the pan after repeated failed attempts to clean it resembles some long neglected oven interior. Maybe an application of "oven off" would work. I went on a Berghoff web page and more extensive info. for cleaning does exist. For instance don't use citrus based dish cleansers or any thing abrasive. We all know the latter, which is obvious, the former is perhaps not so obvious. However, I did try their non-invasive measure of using the tried and true method(boiling water in it on the stove) to no avail. Another weakness surfaced at this time. Water started to leak by the rivets that attach the handle to the pan. Quite a bit of cooking oil has exited the pan the same way accumulating on the outside of the pan to run down onto the bottom. I called Berghoff's toll free and they were honest in saying that there were some comebacks on these pans.She said that she didn't know what the problems were on these ones. Again she said that they were manufactured for the Canadian market and she didn't know a lot about them. She also told me that they had a new pan with the same ceramic interior in black. Maybe the deposits don't show up as badly as on the grey surface.

    I would like to hear your comments on this line of cookware and hopefully some from Berghoff. I realise that these items like any cookware need regular care and maintenance but really, I'm ready to use my sander grinder on it.

  2. That sounds very frustrating Eric. I am actually surprised that you did not receive a better answer from Berghoff when you called them. I have not tried their cookware yet (ours are not ready to be replaced yet) so I can't answer your question on how they compare to others. I still have their cutting board and it is fantastic. I have really had no problems with it.

    I do have a ceramic pan from Pampered Chef that I find impossible to clean. You can't use anything other than water on it and it is constantly discoloured. I guess I have just come to accept it as it does not affect its use (unlike what seems to be happening to you).

  3. We bought 5 earthchef frying pans a year and a half ago at a Zellers store in Canada (blue/grey ceramic interior). Every one is terrible. They were never non-stick, I have always had to use alot of oil and cook only on a low temperature to prevent sticking. I am having the same problem with staining and cleaning, also, the ceramic is chipping. I had really hoped to get the nonstick quality of teflon with out being unhealthy to myself or the environment and I am very disappointed with these. If I have to use that much oil, I'd rather stainless steel or cast iron, they'd probably be easier to clean. I can't recommend them. Also, the company so far has not contacted me to honor their gaurantee even though I have sent them two emails. I have not been able to find a phone number to call.

  4. I am having the same problem. I purchased the earth chef cutting board and it is splitting and the worst part is that it has never been submerged in water. Can you imagine if it had?! I too can not find a phone number for them and had emailed them with regards to their guarantee and no response. I will be contact the BBB now for some assistance.

  5. That is too bad! Our cutting board has been in water and isn't splitting.

  6. Wow I am shocked to hear people are having such trouble with the earth chef pans. We have a parrot so we can’t use Teflon so when we found these we were thrilled! We have 3 and have had them for about 1.5 years and LOVE them. They do have two different ones and we bought the more expensive ones with the sold (not rolled steal handle) we love them so much 2 other friends have bought them and love them too.. ours have better non-stick properties then any other Teflon pan we have had in the past (literally don’t need butter or oil) and even after cooking something like bacon that can really cook to the bottom of the pan just wipes off with a paper towel. I even use metal utensils in them and have had not scratching, chipping or sticking.

  7. Have you tried using baking soda and hot water. It always works for me to get off tough stains on my pots.

  8. Baking soda works awesome!