1 Eco-Challenge: e-post.ca

Have you ever realized how much crap you get in the mail? I know alot of it we can't really do too much about (seriously Rogers I don't want your Home phone - stop sending me 5 kajillion flyers a week), but some of it we can. I started collecting all the envelopes and "stuffers" from our bills this week. We will see how much paper I collect in the week.

We have the option to use epost for most of our bills. This would mean no more extra paper in the recycling bin from all the envelopes and stuffers. It would also cut back on all the processing of these bills (printing etc) and the transportation of the bills to us.

Seems like a pretty easy thing to do that could make an overall positive impact.

This week's Eco-Challenge will be to see how much paper our bills produce and to figure out which bills we can get by epost.

See the Results here.

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  1. Thanks for the CPC shout out Jenn! Epost is a great way to do your billing, we use at home and I get my pay stubs through them too.