7 Make Your Own 4 Ingredient Non-Toxic Deodorant

Over the last eight years I have been eliminating toxic products from my life but the one that I always struggled with was deodorant. I have tried every commercially made natural deodorant that I could get my hands on but none of them seemed to work. I had given up and come to terms with the fact that I will probably always have to use the toxic Secret Clinic Strength. Then one day I decided to just make my own. I mean seriously, why not right?  I had nothing to lose other than maybe smelling a bit and having a recipe that didn't work. But that is nothing a weekend trial can't fix. So I made my own, and it worked. Really worked

This recipe is easy to make, doesn't require fancy equipment or a lot if time. It makes a small 8oz mason jar full so if you have a larger jar just adjust the measurements accordingly. 

Recipe adapted from Holistic Habits

What You Need
1 glass mason jar
1/4 cup baking soda
1/4 cup corn starch
1/2 cup organic virgin coconut oil
10 drops of essential oil (I used grapefruit) *optional

Let's Get Mixing
  1. Warm your coconut oil in the oven or on the stove if you are making this recipe in winter. It helps with the mixing if it is not rock hard.
  2. Add the baking soda and cornstarch to the jar and mix slightly.
  3. Add the softened coconut oil.
  4. Add your favourite essential oil. I love grapefruit so naturally I selected that scent. 
  5. Mix well with a fork making sure to get all the solid bits at the bottom of the jar.
  6. Put the lid on and let sit overnight. It will hard up a bit so it resembles a solid deodorant.
When you apply the deodorant, put a small amount on your finger and rub onto your armpit. It will instantly soften allowing you to apply fully. I never need more than an amount the size of a fingernail. If you are looking for an alternate application method, consider moving the mixture to an old deodorant applicator stick after Step 5.

Be mindful of the essential oil that you choose. Citrus blend essential oils can be varying degrees of photosensitive meaning that they cause your skin to reach when exposed to UV rays from the sun. Grapefruit and other citrus blends are great in the winter when your pits won't be getting sun exposure, but in the summer you will want to switch to a non citrus blend to minimize this risk.

Why These Ingredients?
Every ingredient in this recipe has a purpose and is easily found in your kitchen. The baking soda is an absorbent material that will neutralize any smells you may be generating. Just like this non-toxic car air freshener does.  The corn starch is a binding material that will bring the mixture together and keep it together. Coconut oil is a natural source of lauric acid which has antibacterial properties...and is kind of important when we are talking about sweaty armpits. Essential oil is completely optional but can be customized based on your own personal preferences. You could even select an essential oil that has additional antibacterial properties if you wanted to.

But Does It Work Jen?
I was skeptical but after using it for a month I am never going back to commercially made deodorant. This stuff has worked for me under normal conditions, stressful conditions and during high impact workouts. It is also going to save a ton of money. I was spending roughly $120/year on deodorant and estimate that I will now spend $15/year ($5/jar at 3 jars/year). 

Is there a product that you haven't found a non-toxic commercially made alternative for? Have you considered making your own deodorant?   

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  1. Thank you for posting this. I've been looking for an easy DIY deodorant that works. I'm trying this one! Thanks, Jen!

    1. Great! Let me know how it turns out.

  2. I really like the sound of this, especially since I am anxious about cancer-causing agents. It sounds effective and easy to make. Thanks!

  3. Thanks for this post! I've been wanting to try my hand at DIY-ing products like deodorant - not only is this definitely toxin-free, but then I don't have to deal with the wasteful plastic containers once deodorant is used up - instead, I'll have a mason jar I can refill!

    1. I hate the deodorant containers aren't even recyclable!

  4. Hey Jen, quick question before I try out this deodorant (thanks for the simple recipe), Do you find that the coconut oil stains any of your clothes? I am just worried as most of my work clothes are not made of cotton, so I don't know if the oil would stain the fabric?! Thanks.

    1. Hey! I haven't had any issues with the coconut oil staining my clothes, even if I apply while wearing a shirt. I did however have issues with the Secret deodorant I used to use leaving terrible stains behind.