2 Stop Feeling Guilty and Put Yourself First

If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter you have probably noticed that I have started to post a lot of healthy lifestyle pictures. This past Sunday I started a 4 week journey to get back on track with food and fitness. While I have stuck with as much GMO free and organic food as possible, I have still been eating snack foods made by sustainable brands. Somehow I convinced myself that if the chips are GMO free they can't be all that bad. 

It is amazing how we always put yourselves last. Kids, spouse, play dates, family, work....they all come before our own health. I can't count the number of times I am jumping out of bed after midnight because I forgot to move the laundry or to leave a note to remind me to bring snack to school. Yet, I am never jumping out of bed to blend that morning smoothie or to put out my work out clothes for the next morning. In fact, if I get some time to myself I actually feel guilty if I don't spend it cleaning or cooking or doing laundry. What-the-hell?

I am not a bad Mom for putting Wild Kratts on for 30 minutes while I lift weights. I am not a bad Wife for choosing to make chick pea curry for dinner because I don't want to eat meat. I am not a bad Mom for wanting to lock myself in the bathroom for a relaxing bubble bath (with headphones on so I can't hear the Mom? Mom? MOMMY? coming from the other side of the door).  It is taking awhile but I am finally learning that by putting myself first I am actually putting B and Joe first. The guilt is still there though. I made black bean tacos last night and the entire time felt guilty that I was making something that Joe wouldn't eat. 

It has only been 2 days since I started Eat Clean Get Lean but I am already feeling like this is something that I can stick with.  What is really sticking with me:

  • I hate drinking water first thing in the morning but drinking lemon water before you do anything else is a great way to kick off your day for energy and good digestion. In fact if I drink lemon water and then a smoothie I don't need coffee or tea at all throughout the day.
  • My Fitbit is telling me I don't walk nearly as much as I thought I did. Not even remotely close to enough. 
  • Sugar, it is in everything. You can't avoid it entirely but you can ensure you are eating organic products and minimizing the amount of high fructose corn syrup you are ingesting. 
  • Getting up early to work out sucks. I hate it. I really really hate it. But I am less likely to make excuses for why I can't work out if I just get up and do it first thing (after my lemon water of course).
  • Monkey see - Monkey do. B was so fascinated by my workout yesterday that he wanted to grab his yoga mat and join in. Living a healthy lifestyle is not only good for me but it is teaching him as well. 
  • Fats can be good. Don't avoid them entirely or you are just replacing the fat with crappy chemical substitutes. 
  • I need support to succeed. I am on this journey with literally no one I know, but I never ever feel alone in this. Having people who are understanding the challenges and can high 5 me when I succeed is making all the difference.
  • Kale is frickin delicious and so are beets. (I already knew this but it deserves repeating).
  • Everyone needs workout jams to rock out to. 

What is your favourite healthy tip to keep yourself motivated?

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  1. Go Jen! You can do this. Once you create the healthy habits it will be so much easier. I need to try lemon water in the morning! Can't wait to hear more about how it's going.

  2. I'm glad that you mentioned that fats are good. So many people still have the misconception that they must avoid fat at all costs, and like you mentioned, end up eating chemical and preservative packed foods.