7 Maintain Your Coffee Maker for Optimum Use

When I bought us a Keurig last year I thought it would be an easy way for Joe to take coffee to work each morning and for me, the non coffee drinker, to have a cup every once in awhile. It was certainly easier than making a full pot. And yet I can't even get it to make a full cup anymore. What was once the button to make a large cup now puts the same amount of coffee in my cup as the small cup button.  Now instead of making coffee in 1 step I have to use the large cup button followed by the small cup button and then a quick ninja move to get my coffee cup out from under the spout and another glass in its place to catch the extra coffee.

I have been trying to fix this problem for a while and while nothing I have tried is a permanent fix, they all work with some success in the moment.

Don't Pack Your Grounds
I use a reusable cup so we don't generate waste from using K-Cups. The key to ensuring you get a full cup of coffee is to not pack the coffee grounds into to the reusable cup too tightly. You have to give the water space to get in and through the grounds.

Get Rid of Calcium and Lime Buildup
Just like a regular coffee maker you will get buildup inside your machine that could affect its performance. When the water tank is empty scrub if with 50/50 vinegar and hot water. Rinse it out and then fill it half full with the same 50/50 vinegar and cold water. Run the machine until the tank is empty and then fill it again with just water this time. Running the machine again until the tank is empty will remove any residual vinegar ensuring that you do not curdle your coffee.

Size Matters
Remember that not all cups are created equally. The amount of coffee you get in one mug may be incredibly different than another cup. Make note of the mugs that make a proper cup based on your machines settings.

Okay, So You Have Extra Coffee - Now What?
Don't pour it down the drain! Collect it over the course of the day in another cup and then pour it into ice cube trays and freeze. You can use them in baking, to make iced coffees or in smoothies.

Do you suffer from lack-of-coffee-in-your-cup syndrome?  How do you ensure you prevent it?

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  1. Did cleaning it make a huge difference? I'm wondering if it's maybe the buildup allows for less water to go through for the specific amount of time.
    I'm super happy now that I have switched to our french press. I know the right amount of grounds and water for my favourite mug :)

    1. Cleaning it was like resetting it to factory settings. So it helped a lot!

  2. What about just using a French Press? You can make how ever much you want, easy to clean, takes up very little kitchen space and there is no waste & no hot water coming in contact with plastic. It does take a few minutes longer though- so if time is that much of a crunch, I can see why the convenience of a Keurig comes in- but not if you have to wrestle with it!

    1. A french press is a great option for those who haven't purchased anything yet. Also great for camping!

  3. I'm definitely going to try to clean our coffee maker out with the solution you recommended.

  4. I have the same problem. I'll hope that your advice will help me get rid of it. Thanks a lot!