1 An Infographic About Infographics

Being a blogger may seem like it is quick and easy work but it really isn't. We spend a lot of time researching topics, digging up facts, talking to experts, working on projects at home that we can share. Not to mention the countless hours writing and rewriting posts and then connecting via the 1 million different social media channels. 

We do this because we love what we do. But we are tired of doing corporations work for free. That is why you don't see a lot of giveaways or product reviews on here anymore. My time and expertise are worth something and it is not a free sample of a $5 product. 

My biggest pet peeve at the latest pitches we are all getting....infographics. I get them every.single.day and they are always asking me to share their content for free. No I don't want to share it for free. And Yes they piss me off when I have to scroll 1 million times to get through them all on Pinterest.

This Infographic on Infographics is brought to you by Amanda with comical assistance from Jenny, Steph, Amity and myself.

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