11 A Simple Way to Reduce Dependency on Plastic Wrap

A year ago a friend of mine changed my life when I noticed how he was storing his cheese. I have always cut open the plastic packaging and then once I have sliced off the cheese I needed I would wrap the end in plastic wrap. For the longest time I looked for an alternative that was easy and would not result in crispy cheese ends.

Ideally cheese wouldn't come in plastic at all but unless you have a crap load of money to spend on cheese you are most likely stuck with non-recyclable plastic packaging. Here is how I eliminated the use of plastic wrap for our cheese storing needs:

Step 1: Cut off a chunk of cheese - cutting right through the plastic packaging.

Step 2: Remove the cheese from the end of the packaging without breaking the packaging

Step 3: Take the now empty end of the packaging and slide it over the part of the cheese that you are not using.

Step 4: Next time you want cheese you just slide the end off, follow step 1 again cutting through the packaging to take off the cheese you want and then replace the original end back onto the block of cheese. When the remaining cheese is smaller than the end is simply place the cheese into the original end and secure it with an elastic. 

What unique ways have you found to stop using plastic wrap?

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  1. It's a great idea. But if your ends get crispy anyway, they can go into mac & cheese with no loss of quality.

    Another option is to save rice or dried bean packaging to reuse. It's the perfect size for cheese. Honestly, I haven't purchased a box of plastic bags in a couple of years because we get so much other plastic without really trying. Kids'(who notoriously throw away reusable containers)sandwiches go into cracker bags. Larger things (i.e. a batch of muffins) fit in cereal bags.

  2. I used to waste a ziploc baggy storing each block of cheese too. Now I use reusable bags (which I can wash off with a sponge or put through the wash) or just pull down the wrapper, cut off what I need, then pull back up plastic, fold over and secure with rubber band.

    This is an awesome trick which I had never seen before!

  3. I have a drawer full of those types of bags too! I use them for so many things, just so handy and love that I can get several extra uses out of them before disposing of them.

  4. I have seen some really cool reusable wrap options on Etsy Betsy! I think that is also a fantastic idea and can be used for other things as well (wrapping sandwiches etc etc).

  5. I should reeeally be saving my plastic bags...

  6. We use glass jars/bowls mostly, or aluminum foil, parchment, or wax paper.

  7. Great idea! I am all for using less plastic wrap.

  8. That is a great idea! I confess to using plastic bags for cheese. I try to use the same one for as long as possible, but this is definitely one area where I could cut my plastic use.

  9. And bonus...no additional cost!

  10. My hubs does this and I confess that I almost always have a really hard time getting the end back on! I usually elaborately fold the piece of packaging around the cheese and let him fix it when he goes to the fridge.