2 MisLEAD Support and Lead Poisoning Protection

My friend Tamara is the Executive Director of Lead Safe America Foundation (LSAF) and she is making a documentary film called MisLEAD: America's Secret Epidemic. Tamara is a  Mom from Portland Oregon and her children have lead poisoning. Her film educates parents about lead safety and lead poisoning prevention and through her nonprofit, Tamara is working to raise money to finish her film. I just pledged and became a backer of MisLEAD because I believe Tamara's message is one that we all need to see. I believe that the dangers of lead are still very real and that through education we can protect ourselves and our families.

Do you want to help a great cause and win an awesome grand prize of a case (12 jars) of assorted natural honey from Marshall's Farm in Napa Valley (value $120)? This isn't any regular honey either! This honey is used in many famous restaurants including The French Laundry!

To become eligible to win, ask your friends and family to pledge or make a donation (using one of the links below) in support  of LSAF and MisLEAD.  All pledges are tax-deductible (in the US) and will help to finish this important film. There will be 2 grand prize winners and other prizes as well! The grand prizes go to the individuals who:

1. Get the greatest number of pledges/donations by March 3rd 9:35PM PST
2. Get the greatest value in pledges/donations by March 3rd 9:35PM PST.

You do not have to make a pledge to be eligible but if you do make a pledge it does not count towards your total. It can however count towards a friends!  Ask your friends and family to make a pledge...any amount makes a difference...even $1! Have them send your name with their pledge AND that they found out about this contest on my blog (use code JnJ). This will add pledge numbers and amounts to your total increasing your chances of winning one of the grand prizes. 

Pledges - done via KickStarter - will only be "cashed" if the project successfully meets its fundraising goal.

Donations - done via Hope Mob or PayPal - are taken at the time the donation is made, regardless if the fundraising goal is met and will go to help finish the film.

Please consider helping Tamara fund the rest of this important film. Remember it doesn't have to cost you a thing if you can not contribute financially at this time. Share via social media and to your family and friends and have their contributions count towards you winning one of the grand prizes!

Thank you for helping to educate others on the dangers of lead and preventing lead poisoning!


  1. Do you know of any lead testing kits readily available in Canada? And do you know of a list of common places to find lead, outside of lead-based paints? (Our house was built in BC in the past 10 years so I'm not really worried about lead paint, but am curious about other places it might be hiding.)

  2. Hi Gillian! Lead is in so many things :( Toys, lunch boxes, clothing, leather, paint, metals, cars, batteries, electronics, art supplies, furniture, glass, dishes, jewellery, window blinds, candles etc.

    Health Canada has in the past advised against home lead testing kits as they can be unreliable. But here is some info on sources for home test kits. http://www.canada.com/montrealgazette/story.html?id=7260920e-dd7e-4f12-be3d-65397776293e