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Last Friday I sweat more than I thought was humanly possible. I usually go to spin class at lunch on Friday but in an effort to use up my bootcamp sessions prior to my studios closure this week I decided to go to bootcamp. There was not a single part of my shirt that was not covered. And while those 45 minutes hurt like hell and I am pretty sure I swore more than a sailor it was worth it.  There is something awesome about waking up the morning after a good workout and feeling pain. When getting out of bed takes 7 times as long and you have a complete inability to raise your hands up to your head to do your hair. 

Over the past year I have learned ways to manage pain and fatigue in a natural way so I don't have to pop tylenol or advil or whatever else people take for muscle pain. This is what works for me but everyone is different so try them out and see what combo works best for you.

Before Workout
Make sure you plan your meals before a tough workout to ensure that you have enough energy for your workout. Protein is key so make sure you have that with each meal. I also try to have a protein shake 2-3 hours before I workout if it is scheduled for the evening.  I have found that if I don't eat right before a workout that I get tired during it and that is where muscle strain or even injury can occur.

During Workout
What you eat or drink during a workout will change depending on your workout. Obviously running 20K is going to require different nutrition than 60 minutes of weights. During a workout I drink water. The amount will depend on how long I am working out and how hot it is. I go through way more during spin class or bootcamp than I do when I am doing a circuit at the gym.

After Workout
The key to minimizing pain after you workout is a good long stretch and to drink a crap load of water. I'm talking like 3 times the amount of what you think you should drink. Eat a good meal too, again focusing on protein but also adding in the good carbs.

Day After Workout
Watch how much caffeine you drink because it will counteract the water you have been drinking and will mean you will have to drink even more. Keep drinking lots of water and make sure you stretch part way through the day, especially if you are sitting for most the day. I try to still do something the day after a tough workout...I don't go crazy but even something as small as going for a walk can help to mitigate pain by stretching out and relaxing your sore muscles.

Do you find water boring? Here are some great recipes that you can try that will ensure you get enough water because you want to drink it.  

What do you do after a workout to mitigate any soreness?

Go Green Get Fit Status
Fitness - I have 3 bootcamp classes this week. I may die.
Strength - See above. This weekend will be a write off.
Food - Getting back on track with food as I steered so very far off course.
Me Time - Continuing to work on finding a good balance.

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