4 Sunday Surf - Posts I Loved

There are a lot of great green blogs out there. My Reader and newsfeed are full of them and yet I am always finding new blogs to follow. I learn a lot from other green blogs so I thought I would share some of the posts that I learned from this week or that hit home with me.

My Plastic Free Life - Beth has written her first book about kicking her plastic habit and has posted her video promo. What I love about Beth is that she offers tips for reducing your dependence on plastic that are actually realistic. She shows how easy it can be to go plastic free and where it isn't easy she shows how she got over those humps to continue on her journey. I am really looking forward to reading her book so I was excited to see the video promo!

Kanelstand - Sonya changed my life this week when she posted about using banana peels to get rid of acne. I tried it on Wednesday and Thursday morning and I could not believe the result I got. The zit was completely gone in 2 days. Plus seriously my face smelled delicious! I love solutions like this because it involves using something that otherwise is just tossed in the compost bin, it is essentially free and because it involves no nasty chemicals.

The Hipster Homemaker - Kelli posted about the craptastic comments she gets in life and on her blog about nursing her almost 3 year old. This hit home with me because I got lots of comments about nursing B as early as his first birthday and they just got worse as he got older. 

You can check out other blogs participating in the Sunday Surf here.

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  1. I would love to be more green. I try but maybe following your blog will inspire me more... Love for you to follow back and link up to Mom's Monday Mingle.

    Hope you are having a great holiday weekend!

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