4 Help Me Save Langley - Snap Shots

Get your camera's ready!! I am putting together something fun for June as the next phase of Help Me Save Langley. In order to kick it off I am going to make a video and I need your help to do that. I'm asking everyone who loves Langley as much as I do to take a picture of themselves or their family or friends holding something that says Help Me Save Langley. Since this is a green blog it would be awesome if you found cool ways to do this without having to use paper but I understand that that is not always possible.  

* Send me your photos by May 30th (jenandjoey@gmail.com)
* Share with your friends (IRL and online) and family

* Get creative and have fun!

I think June is going to be a fantastic month!


  1. Hi Jen! I have a picture for you but I can't seem to get it sent using your'send' button. Do you have an email I can just send it to?

  2. @Ashley - my email is jenandjoey@gmail.com

  3. My Green Snap Shot was sent today