0 Kick Off to Canada Water Week

The start of Canada Water Week was interesting in the JnJ household. It kicked off with me waking up to Joe running the water in the bathroom tap for 40 billion hours (17 minutes in real life time) and it ended with it being so bloody hot outside (it is only March FFS) that I so so so so want to jump in a cold shower. 

In the hours in between we have had to use more water than normal due to a few factors:

1. Potty training
2. Potty training
3. Potty training

We flush and wave bye bye to pee every time he pees on the potty and in a new non-eco twist we also do this for whenever his teddy bear BlueBerry uses the potty.  (Note - I fully plan on teaching the If It's Yellow Let It Mellow concept to B....it just doesn't work well into potty training right now). There was also The Incident this morning that involved an unexpected shower for a little boy, a floor mopping and the potty seat being washed down. 

Did you know that the average Canadian consumers 6400 L of water every day? This includes water used to make your food and clothes which is the bulk of this number. This week we will examine what Joe, myself and B use individually. I know Joe will come out as the highest user but I am interested to if B uses more than I do. Also I plan on offering tips on how you can reduce your water consumption and facts on water usage. So let's get talking about water and how we can help to reduce our consumption of this precious resource. Yes it is probably easy to overlook because it seems more renewable than it actually is (heck it falls from the sky which has got to be like money growing on trees right?). But friends we are in a water crisis in many parts of the world so we all need to roll our sleeves up and examine what we each can do to reduce our consumption. Let's think about things differently. Let's think about what we use locally that has a water impact elsewhere in the world...perhaps somewhere that doesn't have that much water. 

I think it is going to be a fun week (OMG I am such a nerd).

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