2 Hidden Water - Part 3

This week I have talked about the hidden water in electricity and clothing but there are so many more things we use daily that consume hidden water and some might even surprise you. Not that there is water used in their production but probably just how much water that is exactly.

Chicken - 12 eggs = 2400L, whole chicken = 6600L

Tea - 30L to grow tea leaves for 1 cup of tea

Beef - Over its lifespan a cow will use 3.1 million litres of water. Most coming from the growth and production of its food.

Gasoline - 2.5 barrels of water are required to produce 1 barrel of oil.

Wine (nooooooooooo) - 120L of water is required to produce one 125ml glass of wine.

Coffee - 130L of water to produce 1 cup of coffee.

You can find more more information on the rest of the graphics in this water footprint here.

Want to reduce your hidden water consumption? Here are some ideas that can help:
* Become a vegetarian or vegan. If you love meat too much to do this then have at least one dinner a week that is meatless.
* Drink tea over coffee. For each cup you switch you will save 100L of water.
* Do what you can to reduce your consumption of gas.Ride a bike, carpool, take public transit.
* Go paper free! For every sheet you don't use you will save 10L of water. 

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