3 Weekly Eco-Challenge: No Impact Leap Day

I am eternally grateful to everyone who has donated to Help Me Save Langley or who has shared the information on their blogs, Facebook and Twitter. In 3 days you have donated over $400 and pushed Langley into the Sizeable Grants category on Reece's Rainbow. This only increases his chances of finding a family and you helped with that. Let's keep the momentum going and get the word out there and increase his grant fund even more. Let's get it to $1000! 

When I first posted Langley's fundraiser I asked people to give up their coffee or cost of their lunch and make a donation. Today that got me thinking about giving things up, putting things aside for others and having a lower impact one day at a time. This year we get an extra day, a day that we could make the greenest of the year. A no impact leap day. What would that take exactly? I plan to figure that out but I am pretty sure it will involve working from home, no meat, local food, no TV and no trash. I really have no idea how to use no water or hydro though.

For this Eco-Challenge I will be mapping out my plan of attack and items I am concerned about. Hopefully I will be able to find solutions for all of them before the 29th. I will posting the area's of concern on Facebook and Twitter asking for your advice.

How will you use your extra day?  Check out The LeapYear Project for ideas.

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  1. Thank you for making us aware of Langley's situation ... and that of other children in need. My wish is that they all find a home!

    The No Impact Leap Day is a fabulous idea ... I'll be interested to see what you come up with. Even if you can't have a zero impact (ie the water), reducing our impact in any way will have a benefit. Brilliant idea!

  2. Raising awareness about Langley and others at Reece's Rainbow is an added bonus of his fundraiser!

  3. You're awesome! Looking forward to finding out more about how we can help.

    Thanks for linking up at the Green & Natural Mamas Linky!