1 New Things for a New Year

I hope everyone has fantastic plans for New Years Eve and that the weeks leading up to tomorrow gave you an opportunity to reflect on 2011 and all the possibilities that 2012 can hold for you.  That is what I like about the new year. I like that it is a clean slate where you can set new goals (if you do that) and focus on what you want to accomplish in the year. But let's not set ourselves up for failure mmmmkay? Be realistic with your goals and you will achieve them. 

One of my goals (from my 101 in 1001) was to set up a Facebook page for this blog. I was looking for an opportunity for us all to connect and chat about environmental issues that may not be big enough to warrant a full blown blog. Plus I wanted a place where you could post about what you are doing so we can all learn and grow together. So I set up the Facebook page. Come on over and 'Like' it.

Now let's talk about Google Friend Connect. Starting in March Google is discontinuing GFC for all non-Blogger blogs. This blog is on the Blogger platform so as far as I can tell GFC is safe and you will still get my posts dumping into your feed. But I think it is time to not rely on it so I will be removing it from the page. In its place I will be adding FeedBurner so you can subscribe in whatever manner you wish. 

Here is hoping that 2012 is a kick ass awesome year!

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