9 Healthy Home...because it is less gross

We focus a lot on reducing our impact on the environment...essentially on the community in which we live. But what about the impact that we are having on ourselves? What about the environment inside our home? Enter the newest book in the Skinny Bitch series by Kim Barnouin. It focuses on Home, Beauty and Health and let me tell you I was only a mere 16 pages in when I put the book down got up and went upstairs to vacuum.  

What I like about this book is that it tells you all the fucked up things in your house and it freaks you right out. It makes you check the top of your fridge and put your pillows in the freezer. But then it tells you what you can do to create a more healthy home. It gives you options....things you can look for if you are buying new or in need of replacing items in your home and it also gives you options if you can't or don't want to buy something new. I like this because Kim is realistic in her approach. There is no need to throw out that mattress that you bought 6 months ago but you can protect yourself by buying covers for it. She also gives you resources that you can check out to find the products you are looking for or the certifications that you should look for to make sure you are getting an eco friendly and healthy product.

I'm not done reading the book yet. I am about 75% of the way through it because I am literally reading every single word and then stopping mid way through chapters to vomit clean. I really encourage you to pick this book up. You can find it in your local bookstores, online or it is available for e-readers. For me this book will be life changing. I feel like we have a good handle on our impact on the environment outside of our home (still load of work to do though) but I feel it is time to refocus some of that energy on the environment inside our home. It not only will have a positive impact on the environment as a whole but also on our health. 

We have already made some positive changes that help to create a healthy home. We have switched to natural or homemade cleaners, I am in the process of switching all of my body care products (B's products are already natural), we painted using low VOC paint, B has an organic mattress, organic sheets and sustainable furniture with non toxic stain. We have not even scratched the surface on our journey to a Healthy Home.

** I was given a copy of Kim Barnouin's book Skinny Bitch: Home, Beauty & Style but all opinions expressed are my own.**

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  1. Sounds like an awesome book! I would love it if you shared some of your key learnings once you are done reading it!

  2. Learning #1 - Do not buy a microscope or anything that can detect things by black light

  3. Thanks for the recommendation! This definitely sounds like a book for me (and I'll prepare myself to be horrified!).

    Thanks for linking up at the Green & Natural Mamas Linky!

  4. I really loved Skinny Bitch so I bet I'll like this one too. My Dyson is clean and ready!!

  5. It's scary, eh? I will add that book to my read list. We have organic sheets on our bed. We are about to buy little E's bed, sheets and all that stuff. The bed will be non-toxic made from sustainable wood, sheets, pillow will all be organic. After her stuff is bought, then we move on to our bed. An organic mattress and pillows, I can't wait! Once we are home inn April we will be painting the house, all on toxic, non-voc! YAY!

    Oh and I vacuum all the time. I hate it when people walk in the house with their shoes on.....yucky yucky yucky!!! :)

  6. @Charise - Preparing yourself is key to less panic and vomiting!

    @Steph - Do you find the shoe wearing in the house thing worse in the US? I have heard that it is more common down here vs up here I barely ever see it.

  7. @Stephanie - Jealous of your Dyson!

  8. I have to get this book, it will add to my germ phobia. Maybe it will show me some filth I have been living with I didn't know about. Can't wait! I'm prepared with my cleaning products.

  9. Kathy - I am sure it will show you things that you didn't know!