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My friend Tanya and I lost our sanity for a moment and signed up for Boot Camp. We have been going for a few weeks now and I am loving it. Not just because Leah kicks my ass every week but because of the steps she is taking to reduce the impact of her business.

When we first registered she sent back release forms for us to complete. My first thought was 'Oh Crap! My No Printing Initiative is screwed!' But she has no problem at all with me completing my forms electronically and emailing them back to her.

She works hard to reduce the use of paper products in her gym. She has face cloths in the bathroom that you can use to dry your hands. She also recommends that you bring your own 'sweat cloth' to wipe down your mat after cool down instead of using paper towels.

There is recycling onsite and in the right location to ensure it is used.

There is no air conditioning (OMG this would be hellish in the summer) but instead she leaves all the doors, including an overhead warehouse door open to give a cross breeze. There are fans as well but they aren't on now as there really is no need.

I try to find sustainable companies to buy products and services from but every once in awhile I find one when I am not even looking....and seriously I love that.

Have you been surprised by the little things a business does? Does it make you buy more from them?

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