0 Change the World Wednesday

A few times a month you may notice that I post about things like picking up trash, sustainable halloween, reducing food waste, and a million uses for vinegar.  These are all part of a weekly challenge called Change the World Wednesday. Each week Reduce Footprints announce the results of the previous challenge and what the next challenge will be. I really enjoy these challenges as it gives me something to work on each week and because they are small enough that you can tackle them within a week. 

The philosophy behind the challenges are that together a group of people can make a difference. I strongly believe in this and participate in the challenges as I can. 

I have learned a lot from the other bloggers that participate as well. Even though we are all blogging about virtually the same topic I love how we can all find a different spin on how to apply it to our lives. My favourites are It's Not Easy to Be Green, Little Green BlogGreen Baby Diaper Service and Good Girl Gone Green. I highly recommend checking them out in addition to following along with the weekly challenge to see what everyone is doing. 

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