6 He Said - Joe's Reply to Fruit Flies

First off, let me start with this…..I have never done this before. I have never blogged, written a response to any editorial or story I have read in the on-line version of our local daily newspaper (although I’ve been tempted many a time), post a comment, HELL ….. as many family and friends can attest to, I haven’t even used the wall on Facebook, EVER! But alas, no better a time than now, to give the readers of my lovely wife’s Blog some insight of the “his” viewpoint.

Now let it be known, I will admit that Jen and I don’t always agree on certain ways of handling various pests or intruders. Jen will always resort to the more environmentally friendly solution first, followed by another if that doesn’t work, and then another. I will entertain the first attempt, but inside my manly instinct is already taking over and the little guy sitting on my shoulder wearing the skull and crossbones is chomping at the bit.

As you are all well aware by now, she has developed many enemies; bees, ants from hell, vines large enough to consume small children, and most recently the dreaded flesh-eating fruit flies. What prompted the decision to go out of my comfort zone was not the great “alternative” remedies she has offered to everyone, but to highlight the one flaw I as her husband have identified. Something that is a constant reminder each and every time I step out into the yard.

I admit that her remedy with the fruit-in-a-glass covered with plastic wrap worked…..it truly did. BUT, here is the flaw. You see, Jen makes the point of reminding everyone you can release them outside IF YOU WANT TO. People, in order for this to truly be an effective option you must, I repeat, you MUST remove the plastic from the glass!! As you can see from the picture, the constant reminder I have is the fossilized fruit flies that are still on the back step in the glass coffin for all to see, circa 2010!

Jen my love, the idea is to release them……but only IF YOU WANT TO I guess??

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  1. FALSE INFORMATION!!!! Those aren't fossilized fruit flies in the bottom of the glass. It is fossilized peach (what I used as bait).

  2. Ha! So is the glass still there?

  3. Of course it is still there! Who will get fed up first...that is the question.

  4. Ohh Joey, with this being your first post, i thought i would tell you my honest thoughts. I LOVED IT! I am thinking you should write more blog posts in the future.

  5. Mel - he said that he will blog once a month but not about politics. WHY DON'T YOU CARE JOEY???

  6. Because Joey is not a political guy. I think he is a very natural person