2 Eco Pets

This is our cat and he is an eco-pet. He eats locally made food and his litter is made from old crushed up corn husks which we can then put into our compost system. We don't buy him a lot of crazy cat toys because at the end of the day he just really wants to play with a beer cap or a piece of pasta (yah I know...he is weird).

There are a loads of eco-friendly options out there for pets (okay mostly cats because we don't have a dog) including:

Pet beds - L sleeps in window sills, on the floor, on furniture or sometimes if I am really really lucky on my head. This means we have no need for a pet bed. I have tried before and he shows no interest in laying in one. If your pet does like pet beds look for one made from recycled materials (ie: recycled plastic bottles) or make one from your old pillows.

Toilets - There are loads of eco friendly litter products on the market now including those made from corn, newspaper or wood chips. I find that sometimes these products are harder to find and may require going to a specific pet store. We have been using litter made from corn for a few years now and are very happy with the results. For dogs think about the bags you are using to scoop the poop. Look for options that are biodegradable or even made from paper if your compost accepts pet waste.

Cleaners - Cats puke...it is just the way the world works. When L pukes he always seems to move away from the tile and hardwood onto the carpet...which is totally awesome right? To clean it up I use reusable cloth wipes and oxiclean. There are loads of pet friendly cleaners on the market that you can use and that are effective. Also try baking soda and use it to make a paste over any pet stains.

Toys - Like I said we don't need to have that many since L shows no interest in playing with regular cat toys. When buying pet toys look for those made with organic materials (like cotton), natural fillers and dyes.
Food - There are so many options for food and treats on the market now or you can make your own. We opt for a locally made organic food and then organic treats. Look for food with natural ingredients with less fillers like ash.

What do you do to reduce your pets impact on the environment?

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  1. I have recently started a few felting projects and learned to make some pet toys by felting small pieces of wool into balls or other shapes. I'm not that talented so I'm mostly sticking to small balls.

  2. Felting balls is such a great idea! Heck even old homemade dryer balls would work for cats!