3 Beyond Junk Mail

This week we got 2 pieces of mail that went beyond junk mail. The first was stuck to our front door with magnets. When our friend found it she asked why the hell we have a picture of our house on our house. You see a local real estate agent put a laminated picture of our house with a calendar under it on our front door. I'm not sure why someone would want a picture of their own house. I'm also not sure what I am supposed to do with a calendar that I can't write on. And you should see the grass in the picture...it is like they photoshopped it greener to stick it to us that our lawn sucks

I hope that next year I get a picture of my car under my wiper.

The 2nd pieces of junk mail on steroids that we got was related to our upcoming provincial election. We got not 1 but 3 political ads from our local PC candidate. These ads were printed on cardstock that is thicker than a cereal box. And forget about recycled content....these bad boys looked like genuine virgin trees.

How can you prevent receiving items like this in the mail? You could try searching for services that allow you to "block" junk mail but I don't think that would have prevented us from getting either of these items. I plan on reaching out to the real estate agent and the politician and explaining the situation to them so hopefully they will change their practices in the future. 

What is the weirdest and most un-eco friendly that you have gotten in the mail?

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  1. Very strange indeed. If you are bothered by this, contact me and I'll pass along some details to you.

  2. LMAO....you crack me up, Jen!!! I would love to hear what they both say to you when you reach out to them!

  3. Interview request was sent a few days ago...we shall see what happens!