1 Reusable water bottles are your friend

It isn’t uncommon any more for people to have reusable water bottles. In fact I find it rare in day to day life to see someone with a plastic water bottle but if our walk this week taught me anything it was that people still do use plastic water bottles and they use them often.  I think most people are probably pretty diligent about using a reusable water bottle at work but forget about all the other places they could use it.

Traveling – it is easy to forget to take something to drink with you when you are traveling and instead just grab a bottle of water on the road or in the airport. We make a point to bring our reusable water bottles with us wherever we go whether it is in the car, on a bus, train, plane, boat. When flying just bring it into the airport empty and fill it after you get through security.

Work – this one seems easy to me. Just have a reusable bottle with you every day. Leave it at your desk if you need to. If you have influence over decision makers at your company ask them to remove bottled water from vending machines.  We have on demand cold water at my work which makes it easy for people to get cold water when they want it.  Speaking of work….if you have lunch brought in for a meeting, conference or celebration ask for no bottled water but instead pitchers of ice water with glasses. If this isn’t possible just bring your reusable bottle with you. If you work outside then bring a cooler with a jug of ice cold water in it and just continue to refill your reusable bottle throughout the day. 

Kids – get them started early with being eco-conscious and send them to school/camp/sports with a reusable bottle. Let them pick out which bottle they want so they have some ownership over it. 

Everything else – Bring your own bottle when you hike, camp, bike, run, picnics, at the beach, amusement parks, day trips etc etc etc. All it takes is getting into the habit of bringing it and you won’t go anywhere without it. If you normally forget it then think about getting one that clips to your bag. 

So what should you look for in a bottle? Stainless steel or glass is best. Also look for as little plastic (BPA free) as possible. Think about if you need different spouts and find a bottle that will allow you to add/switch them out so you only have to buy one bottle. 

We have the following bottles:

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