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I woke up this morning around 4AM and the TV was on. I guess Joe fell asleep with it on. It was one of those moments where you are too tired to look for the remote but the TV being on annoys the crap out of you. This is why people buy The Clapper isn't it?

When I woke up for real Joe was already up. I joined him downstairs and we had a few minutes together before B woke up. I nursed him and then got him some breakfast. We quickly got ready and headed out the door to the market. We decided to try a new market this week and seriously it was the best decision we made. We used to go to St. Jacobs Farmers Market and while it is fun and there are lots of things for sale it is almost overwhelming on Saturdays. There are just too many people. I follow Herrle's Farm on Twitter so we headed there. We bought beans, corn, tomatoes, peaches, cinnamon buns, onion, blueberries, peppers, broccoli, melon and salsa for $40.

This Hummer was at the Market. I chuckled when it drove up because of the irony of someone driving a beast like this yet shopping at a farmers market.

We then headed off to the grocery store to buy the rest of our groceries. Once home I decided to clean out the fridge. As I was taking stuff out to the compost bin I caught myself thinking about how great it is that I compost so much stuff. And it is great but why do I need to compost in the first place? I really need to ensure we eat food before it goes bad so I don't have to compost it!

I pretty much spent the rest of the day playing with B and watching movies during nap time. I made a lovely dinner, cleaned up and did some laundry. Once B was in bed Joe and I settled in to watch a movie (or 2).

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