3 New Home Construction Garbage

Most nights we go for a walk after dinner and the majority of the time we walk through a new neighbourhood that is being built. Lately I have noticed the increase in piles of crap laying all over the place. Mostly it is bricks, coffee cups, siding, stone and broken up concrete. I have hopes that someone sorts this and sends the bricks, siding and stone to the Habitat for Humanity ReStore. Hell there are 2 within 20 minutes of here! But I really do not think that is happening. I have emailed the builders who are involved in this neighbourhood to see what they do with their waste. It will be interesting to see what they say.

It has made me wonder about how much waste was being produced by each new home being built. Because based on the size of the piles it is either a crap load or a shit ton. And why is there so much waste? Surely they know roughly how many brick Model XYZ needs and that Lot #54 and #49 picked the same brick so the skids can be shared between the 2 houses?

Have you built a new home? Any insight into what happened with the leftover waste?

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  1. There should be special sites for after-builders leftovers. They should not be left on the street. It is not right. People should care more for the environment.

  2. My husband is a home builder and I can tell you that usually a builder hires a company to do clean up. The company they hire has to pay to dump it at wherever they that may be. A good builder will hire a reputable company not just some guy with a truck because they could be dumping it anywhere without permission. You can always ask who they hire to do finish cleanup and then call that company to find out where they bring it. If they are leaving trash behind then you can call the city to complain. Also, a decent builder will have some form of containment built on each homesite so that the trash is not blowing all over.

  3. That is fantastic information! This development is in all different phases of development so there are people living there but also homes being built. The garbage made up of building materials is out of control.