0 WINNER - Recyclogami EcoCraft Book

Thanks to everyone who entered the giveaway! The winner is...... #8 NW Homesteader!

Congrats! I will be emailing you to get your details.

I also wanted to comment on some of the comments that the participants left...because they were all awesome!

Greening of Westford said 'I also have big ideas at first, them end up giving the stuff away because they never happen'. I think we all do this! We buy something or receive something with good intentions of using it and then we just never do. Or we do use it but realize it doesn't work for our needs. Joey and I are really focusing on making the right decision when we go to buy something so we don't end up replacing things over and over again when we realize it just isn't what we really wanted.

NW Homesteader said 'We take the metal lids from frozen juice containers to make label tags in the garden!' This is an awesome idea and I will be doing it with our garden this year!

Alicia said 'we converted plastic juice jugs into watering holes for our garden. I merely cut the bottoms off, poked a bunch of holes in the sides, then buried them (bottoms up) about every 5 feet. I can get water to the roots of my plants by pouring it into the jugs'. Holy awesome!

Both Bree and Lindsey said they are making quilts out of old jeans. I am going to do something similar but with old pieces of B's baby clothes. My mom did this for us as kids and I love the idea of carrying the tradition on.

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