1 Week 8 - 2011 in 2011

Where is Week 7 you must be asking? We went on a long weekend getaway so I didn't get a chance to actually collect anything (well other than 1 item). So we will just continue on with Week 8!

Lets talk IKEA. What is with all the little screws and do-hickies that come with each piece of furniture? I found 35 of their plastic shelf holders in our office closet. Not sure why I kept them in the first place when I don't have that shelving unit anymore. We seem to have random IKEA thingamjigs all over the house. Those round long wooden plug things, instructions with no words just random pictures and eleventybillion allen keys.

Here are my totals for the week

Recycle - 40
Garbage - 5
Hazardous Waste - 1
Donate - 8
Sell - 3
Giveaway - 0
Return - 0
Compost - 0
? - 0
Total number of items = 57

Grand total so far = 1342 items

Most interesting item - Nothing....a real snoozefest this week

Most thought provoking item from an environmental perspective - I have been to a lot of conferences with tradeshows. As we all know one of the biggest appeals of a tradeshow is the giveaways. And all the things I have gotten are somewhere in this house. Squeeze toys, pens, flyer's, pins, flashy things. I'm smarter when I go to the shows now....I barely take anything unless I will actually use it or I need a sample for work.

Best green item  - One of the things I came across this week was butterflies that were made from old pop bottles that you stick in your window.

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  1. You are amazing! I recycled some items today and I am working ot simplify our lives a little bit at a time!