3 Week 10 - 2011 in 2011

Spiders. I hate spiders. I hate the idea of them and I hate seeing them (OMG or feeling them on me). For some reason I decided to start working on the garage AKA spider paradise this week. After an hour I had to go have a shower because I just felt like there were spiders on me. Truth be told I only actually saw one spider but I know there was like at least 7979868761191 looking at me.

Here are my totals for the week.

Recycle - 68
Garbage - 13
Hazardous Waste - 3
Donate - 10
Sell - 1
Giveaway - 0
Return - 0
Compost - 27
? - 0
Total number of items = 122

Grand total so far = 1543

Most interesting item - There were several items that were interesting to me. It was like a trip down memory lane going through one of the boxes that was all kinds of stuff from Joe's previous truck.

Most thought provoking item from an environmental perspective - I don't understand the packaging on some items. I was cleaning up the packaging from solar garden lights we bought several years ago. They were in a cardboard box and inside the box there was cardboard packaging as well as each light was in a plastic bag. Why the plastic? They seem to serve no purpose at all.  If possible I am going to start opening boxes to see what is inside of them and pick the product with the least amount of packaging.

Best green item - Nothing really. But I do love that we can compost kleenex!

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  1. New follower from the blog hop. :-) Have a great day! www.MeasuringFlower.com

  2. Kleenex... is it just the plain ones or can you compost any Kleenex (we use the lotion ones)

  3. We can compost any type of kleenex here. Same with paper towel and toilet paper.

    If it was your home composter I would only put it in if you know what is on it (like don't put a paper towel that has a cleaning chemical on it)