0 Earth Day!

Earth Day turned out to be a really great day! It was cold out so that limited our options of things we could do with B. We decided to go and buy a tree that we will plant in our front yard when it is not so frickin cold outside. Hopefully that will be one day this week ::narrows eyes at the groundhog that said it would be an early spring:: 

I believe that you don't have to go "big" for Earth Day and that all the small things are just as important. I think we should all think about our habits and figure out what changes we can make to lead a more sustainable life. For instance, we sometimes get coffee from Tim Hortons on the weekends. We get their takeout cups and tray. Sure all of these can be recycled but why even use the materials to start with? The next time I get my coffee/tea from there I am going to take my own cup and opt out of the tray (isn't this why we have cup holders in the car?). Or if needed we can just reuse the same tray over and over.

Every single day should be Earth Day.

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