2 Am I a Top Eco-Friendly Mom?

I want to thank whomever it was that nominated me to be considered a Top Eco-Friendly Mom. I started this blog in hopes of sharing a little bit if the environmental knowledge that is in my head and in my heart. I am touched that so many of you come here to read what I write and keep coming back. It means even more that you think I belong on a list with the ladies who have also been nominated.

I really try to be realistic about the environmental choices we make in life. I hope that you like the common sense approach we bring to our sustainable living. I hope you think we are as crazy as we really are and that by coming here you laugh and feel inspired. I learn from each of you that leave comments and suggestions and I know other readers do as well!

If you feel that I should be one of the Top 25 Eco-Friendly Moms then please vote for me by clicking on the badge and then the orange thumb. There are still 2 days left of voting and you can continue to vote once each day. Thank you so much for your continuing support. Thank you to everyone who has been voting over the last week.


  1. Following from the Surfin' Saturdays blog hop :D


  2. following from the Canadian hop. Wishing you the best for the green award. New gfc friend. Please visit my blog at http://simplyshopandsave.ca