3 Week 4 - 2011 in 2011

I feel like I have hit that wall that you hit when you are trying to lose weight. You know where at first you are really into it, you work out every time you say you will and you really stick to your diet. Then after a few weeks you "forget" your running shoes or you just have to have that 10 1 chocolate bar. Your weight loss starts of great and you feel good...but it starts to slow down and then just stops.  This is kind of what has happened to me with my 2011 in 2011. I am continuing to make progress but not nearly at the rate I was in the beginning. It is not that I am running out of things. It is that I started with the easy areas and not I am faced with the daunting rooms like the garage and the basement. So instead of tackling those head on I am just walking around picking up random things here or there.

Here are my totals for the week

Recycled - 150
Garbage - 7
Hazardous Waste - 0
Donate - 12
Sell - 1
Giveaway - 0
Return - 4
Compost - 0
? - 1
Total number of items = 175

Grand total so far = 1010 items  MORE THAN HALF WAY ::thows confetti::

Here is what we left out on our doorstep this morning for the Canadian Diabetes Association to pick up. Awesomesauce!

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  1. That's great! Following you from the blog hop!

    Frugally Green Mom

  2. More than half way but only a quarter into the year! you are going to blow this out of the park!

  3. We just left out a bunch of clothes for the Veterans' Association last week. I love the companies will just come take that stuff away for you! :)