1 I love hate Earth Hour

I have a love hate relationship with Earth Hour. I love that it is bringing awareness to environmental issues around the world. I love that it brings communities together. I love that it is easy to do so more people can get involved.  I love that it is a chance for Joe and I to disconnect from the world.

But I think that every hour should be Earth Hour. I hear so many people talk about participating in Earth Hour but then the rest of the year they could give two shits about the environment. Is it that it is cool to say you participated in Earth Hour? Is it that your neighbours can see if you have your lights on so you feel you have to participate? I don't get it. You will participate in Earth Hour but you won't compost in the city program that picks the compost up at the curb!

1.3 billion people have joined Earth Hour for this year. 1.3 BILLION people. Think of where our world would be if every single one of those 1.3 billion people lived every hour like it was Earth Hour (and I don't mean living in the dark).

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  1. Wow ... 1.3 billion! Imagine if every single one of those people did a little something more than they are currently doing on a daily basis. You're right ... Earth Hour is great but ... not if people don't make permanent changes.