5 Spreading the Word

This weeks Change the World Wednesday challenge is to find other ways to talk about being eco-friendly other than just talking about it here in the blog world. When I started my blog it was because I often got questions on how to be more environmentally friendly. I still get a lot of questions and sometimes I refer people to a post here or other times I just talk to them about my experiences. So other than my little corner of the interwebz how do I 'spread the word' about becoming more green?

I am open about our lifestyle
Not everyone I know is crunchy. But most people respect what we are doing and I love that they are interested in what we are doing to make ourselves greener. No one gave us any attitude when we asked for no toys at B's 1st birthday, my family threw me a green baby shower, and the fact that I pumped at work for 7 months opened the door to talk about breastfeeding with so many of my coworkers.  Joe is also open about what we are doing and has more than once told his co-workers about all the cool things I am working on.

Girl Guides
I was involved for decades and my Mom and Sister are still involved. Recently they asked me to come and talk to their group about the Weekend to End Women's Cancers walk I did in September. It gave me a chance to talk about that wonderful event but also to talk about what changes I think we can make to reduce our chances of getting this horrible disease.

Walking the Walk
I don't just talk about shit on here and then not actually do it in my life. So people see me using products or doing something different and ask about it. It gives me an opportunity to talk about why I am using a new water bottle or why I am taking my composting home with me.

Stranger Danger
I talk to strangers. Several months ago I saw a lady standing the cleaning aisle of the grocery store with 2 products in her hands. I have tried both and knew which one actually worked. I wasn't sure if I should say anything but I mean really so what if I do and she thinks I am crazy...not like I am going to run into her again. So I went up to her and told her about my experiences with the two products and which one I would pick. She didn't run away yelling STRANGER DANGER, instead she thanked me and put the product I had recommended into her cart.

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  1. I love that you approached someone in a store who was obviously considering products. It's that kind of help and encouragement that, I believe, really motivates people to change. You're doing so much!! And speaking about cancer and the changes we can make ... wow! It's one area where the environmental connection isn't always considered.

    Thanks for sharing all of the ways in which you get the word out there ... you truly walk the talk!

  2. Stop making me blush!

  3. In a world where people seldom practice what they preach, your way of walking the walk is pretty amazing! It encourages others that they can actualize what they wanted to do by taking that single step towards creating the difference. In addition, when you act as an example to others, you encourage them to see their potential that they too can make a world a better place.

  4. Oh, wow, what a gem! I found your blog via the Green Mama Blog Hop, and I'm glad I did - this is a great post. I sometimes feel "closeted" about my green ways among some of my friends, and I want to change that. I'm proud about the choices that I've researched and made, and if I can use my experience to educate others, I really should.
    Great post - I look forward to reading more.

  5. I would love to learn new ways to be green. Glad you stopped by my blog and I can't wait to learn better ways to do everyday things from here! Thx :)