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For years I have had to justify why I chose to work in industry instead of working for the government or a NGO. It was the Green Business class in 4th year at university that sealed the deal for me. I wanted to make change from within industry not by fighting against it. At that time I found myself saying that I would never be as "crazy" as those Greenpeace guys (and girls). My perception was that all they did was ride zodiac's in front of whalers and chain themselves to tree's.  And while they do do that what I came to realize is that it is not all they do. In fact in a lot of ways they approached things just how I have...from affecting change from within industry and government.

I picked up the book Greenpeace by Rex Weyler a few years ago and read it while on vacation. I could not put it down. Holy cow was I totally wrong. Yes there were zodiac's involved but more importantly there was passion and a desire to make change in a big way. This book was a huge eye opener for me. The sacrifices that were made to make my world a better place were immense. The founders shaped the environmental movement that I am today part of. I learned that in the early years Greenpeace did more than just demonstrating, they also talked to companies and government. They tried to make change in the same way that I try to in my career.

I have always been proud to be a Canadian and reading about Greenpeace being started in Canada has made me want to sew an even bigger Canada flag patch onto my backpack. COME ONE CANADIANS!!! You know you have one too!

What struck me the most about the story of Greenpeace is that the founders and their families were people like YOU and ME. I know a lot of people think that 1 person can not make a difference. But what about 1 person who finds someone else who also wants to make the same difference? And what if those 2 people find 5 other people? You know what happens.....from the warm glow of a light in someones small kitchen a fantastic organization like Greenpeace is born.

Have you ever had a book 'change' you? This book did that for me. I am sure that sounds silly to some people but it made me look at my life and what I want out of it. What would be my legacy? I know that at some point in my life I will work for a NGO. Funny how full circle that comes eh? I started out of school saying I needed to make change from within industry and then here I am feeling all crunchy and wanting to work for an organization that owns zodiac's, thick chains and repels tall buildings to hang signs!

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  1. Wow a very nice article, about Greenpeace, Helping the world to be a better place to live. One person alone cannot change the world. It needs cooperation. Thanks for the posts.